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2009. Fall - 2016. Fall (2017.2): M.S. - Ph.D. Program Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, Seoul National University

2004. Fall - 2009 Spring: B.S. Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



2017.10 - now. Software Engineer Zeus at San Francisco, California

2017.3 - 2017.12. Software Developer Zeta Lab at Seoul, South Korea

2011.7 - 2011.8 Intern / Developer Samsung Electronics DMC R&D at Suwon, South Korea

2008.8 - 2009.5 Project Leader Chromatactix, Gamebuilders, Association of Computer Machinery, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2007.5 - 2007.7 Intern / Developer Secure Data Systems

2006.5 - 2006.6 Intern / Developer ChungDahm Institute Holdings

2005.5 - 2005.7 Intern / Developer Realsys Technology


Academic/Industry Collaborative Projects

2015 - 2016 Samsung Electronics: Research on Controlling Internet of Things Devices through Augmented Reality

2014 - 2015 Samsung Electronics: Research on Personal Mobile Devices and User Context Awareness Analysis

2013 - 2014 Samsung Electronics: Research on Data Analysis for Personal Voice Assistant for Mobile Devices


Academic/Professional Services

2016 Student Volunteer for CHI2016 at San Jose, USA

2016 Reviewer for Full Paper for CHI2016 at San Jose, USA

2015 Student Volunteer for CHI2015 at Seoul, South Korea

2015 Reviewer for Full Paper/Case Study/Work-in-Progress/alt.chi for CHI2015 at Seoul, South Korea

2014 Reviewer for IEICE Transactions

2014 Reviewer for Work-in-Progress for CHI2014 at Toronto, Canada

2013 Reviewer for Full Paper for Cyberworlds 2013 at Yokohama, Japan

2010.3 - 2010.6 Teacher's Assistant for Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction at Seoul National University

2013.3 - 2013.8 Teacher's Assistant for IT Leadership Seminar at Seoul National University

2012.9 - 2012.12 Teacher's Assistant for Information Visualization & Programming Practice  at Seoul National University

2012.3 - 2012.6 Teacher's Assistant for Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction at Seoul National University

2012.2 - 2012.2 Student Volunteer for PacificVis 2012 at Songdo, South Korea

2008.1  - 2008.5 Teacher’s Assistant/Grader for CS231 Computer Architecture at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

2010.9 - 2010.12 Teacher's Assistant for Information Visualization at Seoul National University



2016.11 "CloakingNote: A Novel Desktop Interface for Subtle Writing using Decoy Texts"
   By Sehi L'Yi, Kyle KohJaemin JoBohyoung KimJinwook Seo
   Presented as Full Paper at UIST 2016, Oct 16-19, in Tokyo, Japan
   Download Full PDF - Teaser Video(YouTube Link) - Research Page@HCIL - Research Page@Here

2016.11 "Prevention of Unintentional Input While Using Wrist Rotation for Device Configuration"
   By Han Joo Chae, Jeongin Hwang, Yuri Choi, Yieun Kim, Kyle KohJinwook Seo
   Presented as Poster at UIST 2016, Oct 16-19, in Tokyo, Japan
   Download Full PDF - Supplemental Video(YouTube Link) - Research Page@Here

[Best Note]
2016.06 "A Study on User Interface for Device Configuration with Wrist-Rotation Using AR and Wearables in IoT Environment"
(IoT환경에서 증강현실과 웨어러블 기기를 이용한 손목회전 기반 장치 제어 사용자 인터페이스에 대한 연구)

   By Kyle KohHan Joo Chae, Yuri Choi, Jeongin Hwang, Yieun Kim, Jinwook Seo
   Presented as Notes at KCC 2016, June 29-July 1, in Jeju, South Korea
   Research Page@Here

2016.05 "Defining Rules Among Devices in Smart Environment Using an Augmented Reality Headset"
    by Heonjin Park, Kyle Koh, Yuri Choi, Han joo Chae, Jeongin Hwang, Jinwook Seo
    Presented as Note at Urb-Iot 2016, May 24-25, in Tokyo, Japan
    Download Note PDF - Supplemental Video(YouTube Link) - Research Page@Here

2016.05 "Peek-a-View: Smartphone Cover Interaction for Multi-tasking"
    by Koeun Choi, Hyunjoo SongKyle Koh, Jinwook Bok, Jinwook Seo
    Will be presented as Short Paper at CHI 2016, May 7-12, 2016 in San Jose, USA.
    Full PDF - Supplemental Video(YouTube Link) - Research Page@HCIL -  Research Page@Here

2016.01 "A Notification Method using Augmented Reality and Object Recognition"
(증강현실과 물체인식을 통한 알림 기법)
    by Heonjin Park, IEun Kim, Kyle Koh, Jinwook Seo
    Presented as Abstract at HCI Korea 2016, Jan 27-29 in Jeongseon, South Korea.
    Download Poster PDF (in Korean) - Research Page@Here

2015.11 "An Experiment on the Feasibility of Spatial Acquisition Using a Moving Auditory Cue for Pedestrian Navigation"
    by Yeseul Park, Kyle Koh, Heonjin Park, Jinwook Seo
    Will be Presented as Short Paper at ICMI 2015, Nov 9-13, 2015 in Seattle, USA.
    Full PDF -  Research Page@Here

2015.04 "Understanding Users’ Touch Behavior on Large Mobile Touch-Screens and Assisted Targeting by Tilting Gesture"
    by Youli Chang, Sehi L'Yi, Kyle KohJinwook Seo
    Presented as Long Paper at CHI 2015, Apr 18-23, 2015 in Seoul, South Korea.
    Full PDF - Supplemental Video(YouTube Link) - Research Page@HCIL -  Research Page@Here

2014.06 "Oppan Internet Meme Style: A Case Study of Internet Memes through Digital Artifacts on Social Media"
    by Changhoon Oh, Hajin LimKyle KohJinwook SeoBongwon Suh
    Presented as Work-In-Progress at TVX2014, Jun 25-27, 2014 in New Castle, UK.
    Full PDF - Research Page@Here

2014.05 "Effect of Lateral Chromatic Aberration for Chart Reading in Information Visualization on Display Devices"
    by Kyle KohBohyoung KimJinwook Seo
    Presented as Short Paper at AVI 2014, May 27-30 in Como, Italy.
    Full PDF - Research Page@HCIL - Research Page@Here

2014.02 "A design study for a visualization/analysis system for petroleum reservoir simulation data"
(저류층(貯油層) 시뮬레이션 데이터 활용을 위한 시각화/분석 시스템 디자인 스터디)

    by Kyle Koh, Young-Ho KimJinwook Seo
    Presented as Abstract at HCI Korea 2014, Feb 12-14 in Jeongseon, South Korea.
    Download Full PDF (in Korean) - Research Page@Here

2013.11 "Quantitative Evaluation of Media Space Configuration in a Task-Oriented Remote Conference System"
    by Kyle KohJinwook Seo
    Presented as Long Paper at OzCHI 2013, Nov 25-29 in Adelaide, Austrailia.
    Full PDF - Research Page@HCIL - Research Page@Here

2013.10 "PhoneCog: A Device Authentication Method on Interactive Tabletops Using Color Sequence Pattern Recognition"
    by Gilbok LeeKyle Koh, Gyungbok Lee, Guntae Park
    Presented as Demo at ITS 2013, Oct 6-9 in St. Andrews, UK.
    Download Full PDF - Supplemental Video(YouTube Link) - Research Page@Here

2013.8 "Analysis on Smart TV services and future strategies"  (스마트 TV의 서비스 분석 및 발전 전략)
    by Jay Chaeyong YiKyle Koh
    Telecommunications Review, vol. 16, No. 6, pp. 487-500, Aug 2013.
    Full PDF (in Korean) - Research Page@Here

2011.5 "What Do You See When You Interact with Friends Online? Face, Hand, or Canvas?"
    by Kyle KohHyunjoo SongDaekyoung JungBohyoung KimJinwook Seo
    Presented as Extended Abstract at CHI 2011, May 7-12 in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
    Download Full PDF - Research Page@HCIL - Research Page@Here

2010.10 "ManiWordle:  Providing Flexible Control over Wordle"
    by Kyle KohBongshin LeeBohyoung KimJinwook Seo
    IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 16, No. 6, pp.  1190-1197, Nov/Dec 2010.
    Presented as Full Paper at InfoVis 2010, October 24-29 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
    Download Full PDF - Supplemental Video(YouTube Link) - Research Page@HCIL - Research Page@Here



C, C++, Python, C#, Java, Linux, Windows, Direct3D, OpenGL, Office, XNA, UWP Programming, XAML, WPF, Ruby, Rails, Psql, Javascript



2003.1 - Current: US IT NEWS in KOREA
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2004: Lifetime Member of Culver Legion