Internet memes became what defines a current generation of Internet culture. The term Internet meme has often been used to explain the phenomena that invite netizens to voluntarily participate in the creation and spread of a culture through cultural genes (i.e., memes). We broaden the understanding of Internet memes with a case study of “Gangnam Style,” one of the most widely spread and shared Internet memes in recent years. After gathering 335 memes of “Gangnam Style” from various social media, we analyzed their level of variation based on how they adopted each component of the original source. We identified four features of creative practices on digital artifacts that could be helpful to understand the way Internet memes evolve through social media and useful to develop creativity support tools in the future.


2014.06 "Oppan Internet Meme Style: A Case Study of Internet Memes through Digital Artifacts on Social Media"
    by Changhoon Oh, Hajin LimKyle KohJinwook SeoBongwon Suh
    Presented as Work-In-Progress at TVX2014, Jun 25-27, 2014 in New Castle, UK.
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